Thinking about heading to Philadelphia anytime soon? The next 10 things are a must.

1. Big Bus Tour of the City

Welcome to Philadelphia! Your first stop should be getting tickets to Philly’s Big Bus Tours of the city. This will get you grips on the entire city- it’s size and where the cool spots are. We chose a rainy day and even in the cold, the bus tours have a half covered roof to do the job. You can either stay on the entire ride or stop off at some of the tour stops. The one day pass is enough for Philadelphia.

2. Reading Terminal Market

We had the pleasure to stay at the Marriott Downtown, which is right next to the reading terminal market. They have everything at the market. You can skip out on the hotel breakfast and head over there for a coney style breakfast. If you are not a regular type of breakfast person, there’s always a couple of donuts from Beiler’s Doughnuts– you won’t go wrong here. They have everything from pastries, fish, steak and cheese, to smoothies.

3. Rocky Steps

Do I really need to explain anything about these iconic footprints? You have to do the run up the steps yourself!

4. Wells Fargo Arena


The Wells Fargo Arena is worth a cheap ticket if there is a Flyers or Sixers game. Spent time at a Sixers game and I have to say, the crowds are hype! Easiest way to get to the game from city center is take the subway. There’s a subway that runs north and south along Broad Street. You can take it to the end of the line and follow the fans to the stadium. The entire subway ride takes about 15 minutes from City Center.

5. Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary is definitely worth an audio tour. Al Capone was a prisoner here and there is a lot of history. Ultimately, the separation tactic of this jail system failed, however, it will give you a feeling of why you did not want to end up in jail back 100+ years ago.

6. City Center

City Hall

It’s pretty hard to miss city center, but seeing the historic building is a must. I would recommend staying near city center because there are a lot of attractions and eateries close.

7. LOVE Statue

Love Statue 2

The famous LOVE Statue. For a tourist attraction, we stood in line to get a couples picture. Don’t worry, there are others there who will be willing to swap phones to get your picture. One thing to note, it’s not as big as you might think!

8. Little Nonna’s Restaurant


I would highly recommend getting a reservation at Little Nonna’s. The place is extremely romantic and perfect for a night out with your significant other. It’s not very big, but dimly lit and a place with a cool atmosphere.

9. One Liberty Observation Deck


Number nine on the list is the one liberty observation deck. Do your best to check the weather and find a nice sunny day to go up to the 53rd floor to check out Philadelphia from above. Higher than the original William Penn statue on city hall, it’s a must to visit.

10. Liberty Bell



Last, but not least, the Liberty Bell. You have to complete being a Philadelphia tourist and visit the liberty bell! The area around the attraction is a great spot to be as well. Right next door to the viewing is Independence Hall. The city also has a tourist center right across the street, where you can get more information on attractions. It is also a stop on the Big Bus Tour.

11. El Vez Mexican Restaurant

It was hard to choose a top 10, so I added one more bonus with El Vez. The vibe is great and the guac is even better. Hopefully the list will help guide you the next time you visit Philadelphia.