Are you someone that lives on the edge with sub 10% battery life on your phone all the time? Okay, you don’t need to admit it, but I’ve gifted the Anker 30W charger for a couple years in a row to family members. It could change your low battery lifestyle forever.

I use the Anker 30W USB-C charger only once per day with my Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Thankfully the 5W charger block of the old days is long gone. I don’t need to worry anymore if there’s only 25 minutes left until it’s time to head to the bar. After a few drinks into the night, no more being stressed out about needing battery for an Uber later. When COVID goes away of course..

Anker’s perfect solution for juice in jam is their 30W charger block. Now since Apple wants you to buy the block separate, I would not waste your money on a 20W. Don’t do it. Instead, go with Anker’s 30W. My Anker 30W charging block has worked for over two years with no problems. The block has been super fast when in need of a quick charge. 30 minutes later you basically have a more than half of a charge. It’s a game changer.

One thing you need to pair the Anker 30W USB-C charger block with is a USB-C cable as well. Here is where I would default to Apple’s cables if you have an iPhone. There’s a few choices to pick from when you order the block.

Personally, the 1m cable is just fine, but next time I will plan on purchasing the 2m. Only for the reason that when I am sitting on the couch, I don’t want to have to adjust for reach. Durability with the apple cables has not been a problem for my family or myself either.

So next time you’re in a pinch, you’ll be set with the 30W Anker USB-C & Apple lightning to USB-C cable. Reward yourself with a small investment to contribute to reduced blood pressure.